108th & Lexington (at El Jaguar)

117th & Madison Ave

117th & Madison Ave

125th & Frederick Douglass Blvd. (at Duane Reade)

54th between 8th & 9th (at NYPD Midtown North Precinct)

125th & Lexington (at Duane Reade)

125th & Lexington (at Rainbowshops)

125th & Madison, @ziagraham (at R & G Brenner Income Tax)

125th between Madison and 5th Ave

125th near Malcolm X, @dutchessainttrippinbitch_ (at Staples)

125th near Malcolm X

125th near Saint Nicholas (at Legree Baptist Church)

18th & Broadway (at Fresh – Union Square Nyc)

274 West 125th (at All Eyes On US)

40th & 8th @nbudnyk (at Port Authority Bus Terminal)

40th between 7th & 8th (at Boi Noodle) 2

40th between 7th & 8th (at Boi Noodle)

40th between 7th & 8th (at Sposabella Lace)

40th between 7th & 8th (Boi Noodle)

40th between 7th & 8th @crystalleecollections (at Boi Noodle)

40th between 7th & 8th, @andrea_diodati (at Sposabella Lace)

40th between 7th & 8th, @donnacarols (at Sposabella Lace)

40th between 7th & 8th, @fakejenniferdaniel (at Boi Noodle)

40th between 7th & 8th, @halepstella (at Boi Noodle)

40th between 8th & 9th, @niickib (at Lot-Less)

40th between 8th & 9th

42nd & 8th Avenue, @introducing_nicole (at MTA – Times Square-42 St

43rd & Lex, @ashleymancusoyoga (at Grand Cental Station NYC)

49th & 8th

51st & 8th Ave. (at Gershwin Theatre)

51st off 8th Ave, @thekris10way

52nd & 8th (at Starbucks)

54th off 8th Ave (at Studio 54 Theatre)

71st & Madison (at Emilio Pucci)

56th & 8th Ave (at McDonald’s at 946 8Th Ave & 56Th)

58th & Madison, @ckkzinha (at Fogal of Switzerland)

5th & 12th Street, @Mau5_bunny

5th Ave & 16th

60th & Madison (at Tod’s)

8th Ave. between 44th & 45th, @darcy_zink (at L’ybane Restaurant)

Bowery & Prince, @danidrasin

Broadway & East Houston (at Broadway-Lafayette St. Station)

Columbus & 66th (at American Folk Art Museum)

Hotel Trades Council & Hotel Assn of N Y C)

Houston & Lafayette

Prince & Crosby, @labellab

Prince & Mott Streets (at Double RL Store)

Prince & Mott Streets (at Double RL)

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Фотопроект: CitiLegs: Most Fascinating Legs Photography by Stacey Bake

04:24, 3 марта 2015

Автор: braun6899

Комменты 31


сильно!почему все в лосинах и в большинстве с голубым лаком и Х-ногами?!!обувь часто растоптана, грязная, короче выкинуть пора!


Почему все в лосинах?????????????????????


Насчитала 9,5 пар неплохих ножек. Трелевая мода на эти жуткие лосины. А если честно, девочки, сама боюсь короткое носить. Такие варикозные ноги, ужас!


у многих ноги иксом и леггинсы грязные, да и ноги тоже не очень чистые


Енто не нашинские ноги!!!